Branding & Digital Communication

2015 - Politecnico di Milano



Web Desing

App Design

UI/UX Design


.COMM is a corporate identity project for a fictitious visual communication museum housed in the former area Ansaldi in Milan and the current location of the Mudec. Starting from the name and the hosting structure, we created every aspect of the digital and paper visual communication of the museum and of a possible monographic exhibition. Nature and human creations are the main sources from which the essence of .COMM takes its inspiration. The organic and fluid forms and the transparency games associated with the image of a museum, make it a clear and simple “container of works”. In the same way, human creations, which are studied yet harmonic, ensure that everything has a meaning and is not random, giving coherence to the whole.

Furthermore, we realised an application to accompany the public to the museum and guide it inside it, enriching all the aspects of the visiting experience. In fact, the visitor can use it to get more information about the museum and on the exhibitions. Furthermore, through a series of mini-games, visitors can collect points to receive free gadgets.

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