Space Academy

Educational Software

2019 - Hochschule Luzern



UI/UX design


Research & Testing

Space Academy is an edutainment project (a neologism for educational entertainment).
It is a software aimed at implementing the educational method, supporting it with an interactive game that involves the students while strengthening their knowledge. In particular, the software concerns the solar system, but the same format could be applied to subjects such as history or biology.
Teachers are also given the opportunity to view a log with the results of the students that highlights the difficulties of the individual subjects or of the class.
The prototype was developed and tested through constant collaboration with the 5A class of Istituto Comprensivo Bernareggio (MB).

In pairs, children play impersonating astronauts called to save the solar system that is in chaos. Users create their own account and then receive a fictitious space license, both physical and digital. Each pair of children will then have to study a planet through an interactive screen and then leave for the rescue mission which consists in a timed quiz. At the end of the mission, each astronaut will receive a prize-sticker to apply behind his license, thus encouraging users to use the software again.

Theacher's log that higlights the results and the difficulties of the students filtered by planet or by topic
This graphic represents the typical learning process in which is highlighted the moment in which Space Academy could be integrated
Graphic of the answers of the students to the questionnaire given after the testing phase
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